A selection of the silversmithing of a 2016 graduate of Seoul National University in Metal Crafts, Angela Mini Jo. See Blogroll for a link.


Frosted 21: copper, raised, patina, oxidized /

Hoar Frost Vessel S: brass /

Hoar Frost Vessel: brass. 2016 /

Bowls: brass. 2016 /

Vessel: copper, brass. 2015 /

Rime Frosted brass 2016 /

Mini Vessel: brass /


Brass textured 2016 /


Nugold Brass, brass. 2016 /


Cup: copper oxidized. 2016 /


Rime Frosted small brass, oxidized soldered. 2016 /


Rime frost, large brass raised soldered. 2016 /

Angela Mini Jo_Frosted13

Set of Three Rime brass. 2016

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