Textiles that enhance wellbeing: Young Dutch designer, Floor Van Doremalen’s explorations of tactile materials using rubber, texiles, leather & synthetic skins. See Blogroll for a link.

Text taken from Floor Van Doremalen’s site /

Concrete Skin:  ‘An imprint of skin, a bite, wrinkle, scare or scratch. Traces that appear and disappear. These are some characteristics of the samples in this project. Concrete feeling as skin.The smooth hard concrete seems to move under a clear layer of sepia colored rubber. Structures and wrinkles come and go as skin changes. These concrete samples have been made for outside furniture.’ /

Imprint of Skin: Material Design / Man and Identity | graduation work. ‘Caring for one self and spending time with attention intensifies the experience of wellbeing. The skin sensitive materials will give super-sensory impulses to the skin and body. ‘Imprint of skin’ is inspired by imaginary animal skins and under water beings.

A collection of rubber materials for wellness that contains: A titillating floor that massages the feet; An excitatory wall that scrubs your back; A hairy curtain that caresses and tickles the skin’ /

Knotted Veils: Textile Design Man and Identity | Graduation work. ‘Dec 2013 – June 2014 ‘Clean geometric shapes made by knotted yarns, turned cables, and twisted ropes. Transforming textiles in to three dimensional. Approaching textiles in a architectural way. This textile research is about merging modern technique and ancient handcrafts to create three dimensional shapes into curtains and walls. Placed in public urban environments.’

Image result for FLOOR VAN DOREMALEN medieval

Image result for FLOOR VAN DOREMALEN medieval

Image result for FLOOR VAN DOREMALEN medieval

Medieval – leather surface. Leather bags project for ECCO Leather

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