Known for her wooden carpets & wooden light, Elisa Strozyk, Germany, has worked with the flexibility of pre-formed glass & produced her woven-glass pendant lamps. See Blogroll for a link.

Text taken from Elisa Strozyk’s site /

Image result for elisa strozyk curtains

Woven-glass / Pendant-lamps:  ‘To reach the same effect (flexible for weaving) colored glass stripes need to be pre-formed in the kiln to allow the process of interweaving different layers of glass. Transparent color gradients overlap and mix under the influence of light to form a textured glass surface.’ /

Miss Maple pendant lamp, wooden textile, steel: We usually experience wood as a plain surface, but here it is broken down into a grid of triangles. This makes a flexible lampshade which can be transformed manually in three-dimensional ways.’

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