‘The Journey of Things’ is a continuing collaborative exhibition that documents unique crafted objects & their creative stories. It is a platform for emerging designers. See Blogroll for a link.

The Journey of Things exhibition is curated from Berlin & has been shown at various exhibitions including Milan Design Week 2016 & IMM Cologne 2015 / Text has been taken from the Journey of Things site /

From the Journey of Things Part 2 – The Journey of Preserved Textiles: Tisch Table by Zascho Petkow. ‘Combining traditional textiles and a unique way of surface treatment to create one of a kind tabletops he calls tischplatte mit textil.  A found piece of traditional woven bhutanese textile is conserved underneath 20 layers of pigmented lacquer. Each coating is applied in a specific way and consistency.’ /

The Journey of Things Part 1 – A Latency Journey: Baloo bag collection by Michel Giesbrecht.  ‘A backpack made of padding fabric yet leaving its content exposed to examination.’ /

The Journey of Things Part 1 – A Transformation Journey: The Presence of Absence – Raw & Ruby glass editions
by Milena Kling. ‘Sudden discoveries in design processes require prompt imaginativeness to prospect their concealed qualities.’ /

The Journey of Things Part Two – The Journey of Ceramic Tables: Ceramic Tables, side tables by Elisa Strozyk shows her own interpretation of the traditional technique of glazing ceramics. /

The Journey of Contemporary Alchemy: Circle water glasses | The Alchemist, Co Co – Coloured by copper and Natural Ruby limited glass editions by Studio Milena Kling /

The Journey of Time & Material: Heimat Lamps by Birgit Severin & Guillaume Neu Rinaudo. ‘Each lampshade is burned directly in an open fire. The burned materials create unique traces on the surface leaving scorch marks, which captures an atmosphere of smoky silence and delicate permanency.’ /

The Journey of Time & Material: Nani Wood Bench using recycled materials by Joa Herrenknecht. ‘For the solid wood bench‚ Nani, Studio Joa Herrenknecht selected salmon leather for the seating – a waste byproduct material from the food industry, which was carefully upcycled, colour dyed and sewn together.’

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