Nyumbani Design is a Tanzanian-based jewellery brand founded by Kelly Glanfield, whose designs are inspired by the beauty & colours of the Swahili coast. See Blogroll for a link.

Bembea – Usiku Ring /

Pembenne – Usiku Ring /

Kimondo Ring /

Nne Pamoja Bangle /

Kufuli Usiku Ring /

Safu Usika Necklace /

Galaksi Necklace /

Kundinyota Necklace / All above are from the Midnight Gold collection /

Chembe Ring /

Pasua Ring /

Gawana Ring /

Kiini Ring /

Kiungo Bracelet /

Imoja Necklace / All above from the Molecular Matter collection /

Pembetatu Ring /

Kufuli Ring /

Mstatili Necklace / All above from the Dipped in Gold collection

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