Augmented & enhanced structures: Chilean architect, Juan Luis Martínez Nahuel’s house extensions, & renovations & use of recycled materials. See Blogroll for a link.

Text has been taken from Juan Luis Martinez Nahuel’s site /

Refuge of Recycled Materials, Pirihueico Lake, Panguipulli.  ‘The work is located in a bank ambush of the Lake Pirihueico located in Region XIV, Region of the Rivers. The difficulty of access, determined the constriction of defining the project in multiple modular parts of the load of a small truck. The hobby and ability of the principal for the purchase of demolition materials, established a series of elements to incorporate in the house. These elements were reinterpreted in a new order: • Glazed doors of a house of Horacio Borgheresi, that of an origin of interior patio happen to be the main facade of the new house. • Parquet floors of eucalyptus and raulí of a work of Larraín, Swinburn and Covarrubias, that transform themselves into the main lining. • Used laminated beams and commercial steel profiles from a temporary exhibition, which are now the elements of the main structure.’ /

Casa Los Álamos, Santo Domingo, Fifth Region. 2011  ‘The project is a low-budget house located on the outskirts of the resort of Santo Domingo, within a family plot. The charge consisted in reusing and expanding a small cabin, into a permanent home, for a young couple living and working outside the capital. The existing volume spread throughout the entire land to generate and separate 2 instances: In front a narrow private gravel patio, walled and back, a large garden of grass. On the customer’s request, the construction windows were taken as a repeating pattern for the main façade while retaining part of the original structure image.’ /

Art Workshop on a Garage, Rocks of Santo Domingo, V Region. 2014 ‘The project is located on sloping land in the resort of Rocas de Santo Domingo. The new volume is located on an existing garage, attached to a house. Both buildings were designed by the architect Javier Adwandter in 1955. The client, in this case an Artist, proposed a single interior space (desk-bath-workshop) and an external space surrounding consisting of (balcony-terrace-ramp access), with wide views to the surrounding. The extension, developed entirely in wood, occupies a structural grid of laminated beams, which in turn fulfill the function of furniture on site.’

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