The varied design outcomes from the hand of Bernardita Marambio, Chile: his furniture made from recycled fabric & his graphic design, including his tribute to admired architects, designers & artists. See Blogroll for a link.

All text has been taken from Bernardito Marambio’s site with slight modification /

‘DEMODÉ is a material that exploits and rescues pre-consumer textile waste, which is mixed with a 100% biodegradable adhesive based on starch, which gives it high structural strength. This mixture results in an agglomerated material, which has great strength and versatility to be used in different applications and be worked by means of molds obtaining products as lining of interior walls, objects and accessories, application in furniture. Beyond trying to solve an environmental problem, it seeks to disinterestedly teach the new generations that the current, uncontrolled way of production based on capital rather than the welfare of people is not sustainable over time. DEMODÉ is an easy to replicate recovery system in any country’ /

‘Phase#3 Stool – Development of a material such as structure and support. Phase#3, based on Demodé is part of the third transformation of salvaged textiles from factories in Santiago, Chile.’ /

‘Drafting Sustainable Data for En Altura Magazine of Almagro S.A. Printed and Digital / Bi-monthly Since Issue nº100 Image formatting guide.’ /

‘Image consulting for Machaca, Chilean brand of textiles dyed with natural dyes. Logo and Image Redesign August – November 201.’ /

The Reliving Room – Chairs, Table and Wall cladding made with DEMODÉ is a new material that exploits and rescues wasted textile from factories in Santiago, Chile, before being used by the consumer.’ /

‘T1895 is a paper lamp inspired by sketches of the art nouveau icon lamp, Tiffany. You can make your own paper shade, with a template based on pre-production sketches of an original Tiffany model. Originally, the template was used to map out the shapes of the stained glass so that artisans could precisely cut and assemble them. This version turns that pattern into the lamp itself.’ /

‘Project tribute to the architects, designers and artists who have changed the world. Christian Louboutin / Dieter Rams / Hermanos Campana / Jean Charles de Castelbajac / Oskar Schlemmer’

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