Interior designers, Robot 3 Design, heed the luminous & reflective quality of their selected materials in the design of their 2 restaurants in China.*

*Images are from the World Architecture & Gooood HK sites. Currently the Robot 3 Design site has a warning of malware but I hope to include it under Blogroll when it has been fixed /








Panxiaohui Restaurant – Blues pedestrian street, China Railway Construction 1818 Cente, Zhongbei Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan, China. Robot 3 Studio designers: Pan Fei, Wang Zhi. Photography: Pan Fei,Wang Zhi /

Image result for robot 3 studio

Metal Hut – Lucky Bar conversion from a ramen shop to a lucky bar at Kexing West Road, No. 43, Changping District, Beijing. Robot 3 Studio designers: Fei Pan, Wang Zhi. Photography: Xi-Xun Deng

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