Multi-award winner, Brazilian designer, Guilherme Wentz’ furniture, lighting & accessories. See Blogroll for a link.

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UM Gold 02.JPG

Um (One): LED profile fixed to a rotating base on the wall, which allows user interaction and proposes different positions of light – aluminium and LED /




The Central chair: created for the restaurant La Central – located in Copan, an historical building of Oscar Niemeyer in the heart of São Paulo – and inspired by the classic Mexican chair Acapulco – Steel and pvc braided /



Post-tropical: designed for the MAM Collectors Club. The limited-edition vase was made from recycled wood from the pruning of the city’s trees, which are charred and combined with solid brass pieces /


The Trapiche Bank inspires the experience of sitting near the water on a small pier – Tauari wood /



Join is a modular system created for the first collection for Decameron offices. The sofas, poufs and accessories can be connected to each other in different positions, customized for different offices – Steel, wood and upholstery /


Hybrids:  Hybrid is a multifunctional proposal combining a coat rack, bench and magazine rack in one piece – Steel and wood jequitibá /



Gambito (Gambit):  Gambito is a collection of sideboard, bar and bookcase – Wood oak /



Collection k: a collection of centerpieces that contrast steel’s resistance and the fragility of crystalline glass – Stainless steel and glass /



Officer: The Mesa Officer top opens and reveals an internal compartment for storing various materials. The table also has three power outlets and a place specially created for the coffee cup – Oak and mdf /



Tres (Three):  Tora Brasil produces sustainable furniture with Brazilian wood. Banco Três is formed by a large prism balanced by two smaller prisms at the base – Pequi and cumaru woods

poltrona tela (2).jpg

poltrona tela (4).jpg

Poltrona Tela (Tela armchair screen): The seat is coated with sustainable fabric that blends recycled cotton and PET.

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