24° Studio is a multidisciplinary design practice in Kobe, Japan. Their Airy lighting collection, structural installations & carved timber Storm Trays are here. See Blogroll for a link.

Text has been taken from the 24d Studio site /

The Airy Lighting Collection ‘is inspired by organic nature of the clouds, their unique aerial forms, and the atmosphere they create – reinforced rice paper’ /

Storm Trays – Hard Maple, European Beech, Walnut /

Hope Tree installed in Tokyo, Japan, ‘is a conceptual installation envisioned as a spatial condition that attended to question our surrounding …the oroidal surface was composed of 670 self-supporting watercolor paper panels. In addition to the thickness of the watercolor paper, the rigidity of each panel was further reinforced with edges of cardboard to create a box form’ /

Kan interiors, installation, Kobe, Japan, ‘ is translated in Japanese as a ring, environment and also circulation..The display surfaces are made of strengthen Japanese rice paper on a meandering wood frames’ /

Pink Steam,  Miami, FL, USA, ‘proposes to express an atmospheric condition seen on urban skyscape that will affect the interior space and the interacting visitors’ /

Daphne installation – Santorini, Greece, ‘is a site-specific installation situated within the tunnel stairway that interplays with the notion of concealing and revealing the ancient interior surfaces of the tunnel leading to the peak of Pyrgos. Made entirely of self-supporting paper panels’ /

Crater Lake, Kobe, Japan, (is) ‘a multi-use environmental installation, serves as a meeting place where every area can be used as seating for visitors to contemplate the surroundings, thus invoking a social interaction within and around. After the closing of the Kobe Biennale, Crater Lake was disassembled and its materials and hardware were reused for furniture design used by the local community’

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