More furniture crafted in the USA: Skylar Morgan Furniture (SMFD), Atlanta, Georgia. See Blogroll for a link.

Cha Bench – Walnut, Bronze /

Y Natural Edge Dining Table –  Blackened Steel, Natural Edge Walnut /

Cyprus Credenza – Sinker Cypress, Brass, Smoked Glass /

Felt Good Chair – Walnut, Blackened Steel, Felt /

Branch Clothes Hanger – Walnut, White Oak, Blackened Steel, Brass /

Bide Stool – Walnut /

Bide Dining Stool – Walnut, White Oak, Powder Coated Steel /

Twirl Bar Table – White Oak, Brass /

Y Side Table – Walnut, Blackened Steel /

King Table – Brass, Bronzed Glass, Rosewood

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