Colour in motion: Young Melbourne artist Anna White’s abstract paintings of oil on perspex. See Blogroll for a link.


Kaleidoscopic: oil on perspex /

SE/HE #9

SE/HE #9: oil on perspex /

Yellow, red, blue

Yellow, red, blue: oil on perspex /

35 mph

35 mph: oil on perspex /


Fold: oil on perspex /

Red, yellow, blue, orange

Red, yellow, blue, orange: 2011, oil on perspex /

Grey, yellow, blue, black

Grey, yellow, blue, black: 2011, oil on perspex /

Scarlet, scarlet

Scarlet, scarlet: 2011, oil on perspex /

Blue gliding

Blue gliding: 2009, oil on perspex /

Long yellow

Long yellow: 2011, oil on perspex /

Frieze #3

Frieze #3: oil on perspex /

Frieze #5

Frieze #5: oil on perspex


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