Renda (embroidered) metal chairs, lustrous lights, gloss tiled tables, airplane wall sculptures: selecting what appeals from Brazilian, Bianca Barbato’s products. See Blogroll for a link.

Taxi Lounge Chair: Stainless steel tubular structure, twisted beads and inox cable /

The plastic ceiling lights of the ‘Cabaça’ collection are inspired by the fruit of the calabash vine /

Tiles Table off carbon steel with electrostatic paint and topped with ceramic tiles created by the designer. The tiles drawings are in relief and has touch effect /

Renda (meaning embroidery in Brazil) chair & Pufe Renda: the chair & foot stool are of folded carbon steel with a copper, brass or electrostatic paint finish with industrial cut, creating unique shadows /

Gramofone pendants /

Turtle Texture acrylic table and light with notch top and base /

Parallelepiped bar cabinet /


Pino tables: with notch top and an interior of acrylic pins slotted into holes and reflected in a mirrored surface /

Airplanes are wall sculptures made from copper and brass and bathed in electrostatic paint

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