Helen Edwards of South Devon, stitches etched metal discs, paper, textiles & porcelain to become fabric art pieces. See Blogroll for a link.

Ivy leaf coverlet – etched pewter/thread /

Feather quilt – pewter/thread /

Penny black boxes – etched pewter/wire/leather /

Tube trail – stainless steel /

I wrote my diary every night – silk/paper/silk thread /

Mint-net – porcelain/thread /

Disc – perspex/stainless steel/nylon /

Shell worry bowl – pewter/thread /

Sidmouth promenade wall hanging – etched pewter/wire /

Music score pictures, various titles available – paper/thread /

The mystery solved – paper/thread /

Fluid mosaic mats – pewter/organza/thread /

Woven pleats – fabric/thread (framed)

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