Utilitarian glass objects become meticulous works of art in the hands of Marc Carmen, USA. He is accomplished in many production & finishing applications. See Blogroll for a link.

Reticello Lens

Opaline Reticello Lens with Blue Centre – blown, cut and polished glass /

Black Thread Reticello Lens with Gold Centre – blown, carved and polished glass /

Green Lens with Grey Thread Reticello Centre – blown, carved, and polished glass /

Lens Bowl in Charcoal Black with Gold Thread Reticello /

Optical Bowl with Gold Coral Murrini /


Facet Bowl in Olive with Amber Thread Cane – blown, cut, and polished glass /

Pitcher Set in Opaline

Pitcher Sets – blown, cut, and polished glass /


Glass Pears

Pears in Green – blown glass  /

Pear in Gold –  blown glass sculpture /


Strata Bowl in Amber – blown glass /

3 Selected past works


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