Rodrigo Ambrosio’s less conventional design solutions in his furniture. The designer lives in Alagoas in north eastern Brazil. See Blogroll for a link.

Arapuca stool, in collaboration with Rafaela Brandão: ‘made of over 150 continuous metres of a rope carefully twisted into the small holes of a steel sheet scrap’ /

Gargalo table, in collaboration with Claudio Oliveira:  reusing bottles  with steel rods and finished with electrostatic powder coating /



Fateixa table: ‘stainless steel rods “tied together” in a fun way were used in the production line‘ /


Amélia stool, in collaboration with Adriano Ferreira: ‘a chair [that] has got a simple, cheerful and functional form. It has a light and cast structure. The comfortable seat is made of a tiny PVC hose’ /



Kaeté table, in collaboration with Adriano Ferreira: ‘is about the essence of the ethnical and indigenous artifacts and their mold. It combines contemporaneity and the lightness of the stainless steel rods with the handmade basketry made of natural fibre’ /

‘A new type of point was developed to the typical and cultural handmade work named Filé in a partnership with the female weavers of the historical city of Marechal Deodoro. It was inspired on the cartesian layout and the form “Z” was born from a truely “alagoano” handcraft. The letter Z represents the beginning of the word Zelo, a kind way to care of this handmade work. This Project values the handmade work as a whole and its result is a covering workpiece full of tradition and made from an ancient manufacturing process of hydraulic floor tiles’ – in collaboration with Tereza Carvalho/

Vai Vem: ‘composed [of] ludic units and made with a certified type of wood and it also allows infinite types of installation. They fit systematically with one another and can be used in various ways just like a child’s game.’

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