Ideal Standard posited the question for its 2015 ‘Sala Expressioni’ held in Milan: ‘Does function affect our perception of beauty?’ 3 young artists responded with 3 short films to augment the research on this. Links are within this post.

The Sala Espressioni began in 1963.

The extract below is from an article originally published in Domus (magazine) 428 / July 1965 and again in Domus – August 2012.  /  (Ideal Standard are designers & manufacturers of bathware.)

‘The concept of “active space” as seen in the Sala Espressioni [Expression Room] in Milan
“Guido Ballo gave me the credit for the idea behind the Sala Espressioni. I will accept responsibility for the term expression, which I am fond of, but the idea actually came from Ideal Standard and its intention to make this exhibition in the heart of Milan not a static presentation of models but a dynamic hub cultural activity.”  Gio Ponti ‘ /

Ideal Standard Artist Projects (2015) from jotta on Vimeo.  Go to Ideal Standard Projects for more information on the question of form and function in beauty – ‘Working with neuroscientists, we explored what goes through our minds when we encounter objects for the first time. Specifically, we looked at how our brains respond to form and function and the relationship between them…’ /

Image result for alice dunseath an interpretation

Alice Dunseath: An Interpretation of Perception from jotta on Vimeo.

This film and the other two below, were commissioned by Jota Studio: /

Go to for more of Alice Dunseath’s work. ie. her film ‘You Could Sunbathe in this Storm’ /

Image result for ozgun kilic harlequin

Ozgun Kilic: Harlequin from jotta on Vimeo.

Go to for more of Ozgun Kilic’s work (ie. her ‘Flow’ film in collaboration on kinetic driven glass shards /

Image result for matthias moos organic motion

Matthias Moos: Organic Motion from jotta on Vimeo.

Go to for more of Matthias Moos’ work

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