Eliciting the inner dog, cat, budgerigar & pig: Zoo Studio have won many an award for their animal photography. They are based in Brisbane. See Blogroll for a link.

Zeke the Great Dane

Too Cool For School

Xena the Pet Pig and Buddy Jazz

Want to Play With Me?

Mollie the Cocker Spaniel After Her Bath

Long Haired Dachshund Bertie

Isabella the Black Labrador Pup

Don’t Mind Me! Flooby & Genevieve Playtime

Garden Hose Fun

The “I Just Want to Cuddle You” Face

Bird Bath

Huh? What Did You Say

Tussle Time

A Kiss With My Dad

Ruby Loves Her Bubbles!

Anyone for Tennis?

Maximus the Great Dane

Zoo Studio have set up the Zoo Studio Foundation to assist Australian animal charities and causes with income from the sale of their products: http://www.zoostudio.com.au/zoo-studio-foundation/

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