Skram Furniture Company craft their products using ‘traditional techniques & cutting-edge fabrication’. They are based in Piedmont, North Carolina. See Blogroll for a link.

Piedmont stool & chair – natural rift white oak timber with matte black metalwork /

Altai bench – ebonized ash with matte black metalwork /

Vidalia vases – antos rosewood, figured red gum, figured walnut /

Piedmont chest on stand, limited edition – pepperwood burl with mahogany detailing and stainless steel metalwork /

Piedmont side table/nightstand, limited edition –  pepperwood burl with brushed stainless steel metalwork /

Piedmont sideboard, limited edition – pepperwood burl with mahogany detailing with stainless steel metalwork /

Tigris bed /

Woodrop /

Lineground round dining table /

Altai side table /

Altai dining table

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