Joanna Campbell, New Zealand: her detailed lace & metal jewellery reflect her background in dressmaking & textiles. See Blogroll for a link.

Embroidery Hoop Brooch – gold plated stg silver, antique metallic lace /

Joanna Campbell

Joanna Campbell

1  Grosgrain Ribbon – oxidised sterling silver / 2  Grosgrain Ribbon – gold plated, sterling silver  /

Argyle Brooch – oxidised sterling silver, 18ct gold pin /

Cross-stitch Brooch – oxidised stg and 18ct gold, 18ct pin /

Tapestry Brooch / Reverse showing pin /

Joanna Campbell

Draped Grossgrain Ribbon – Oxidized sterling silver, gold plated sterling silver /

Bias Ring /

Haberdashery Collection selection of necklaces /

Reptile Lace Ring /

Copper Alloy Rings /

Mokume Gane Rosettes /

A Constellation of Lace Brooches /

Copper and silver zigzag fringe necklace made by Joanna Campbell: Www Joannacampbell Co Nz, Joanna Campbell, Zigzag Fringe, Silver Zigzag, Fringe Necklace, Copper, Fringes

Copper and silver Zigzag Fringe Necklace /


Silver Fringe Necklace – silver, silk /

Fringe necklace made by Joanna Campbell: Necklace Oxidised, Pattern Fringe, Diamond Pattern, Fringe Necklace, Nz, Goldplated Silver, Oxidised Silver, Fringes, Contemporary Jewellery

Fringe Necklace /

Gold and oxidised silver zigzag fringe necklace made by Joanna Campbell:

Zigzag Fringe Necklace – gold and oxidised silver /

joanna cambell: Www Joannacampbell Co Nz, Jewellery Students, Cambell, Contemporary Jewellery, Interest, Textiles

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