ESPASSO’s commitment to make accessible, 20th & 21st Century Brazilian-designed furniture & accessories. See Blogroll for a link.

Vintage bench by Jorge Zalszupin, 1955 /

PO-801 arm chair by Jorge Zalszupin 1960 /

Guará arm chair by Carlos Motta, 2015 /

Quilombo sideboard by Arthur Casas /

Andorinha coffee table by Jorge Zalszupin /

Ondas credenza by Arthur Casas, 2009

JZ tea trolley by Jorge Zalszupin, 1950 /

Cantu Low dining chair by Sergio Rodrigues, 1959 /

Annette arm chair by Jorge Zalszupin, 1960 /

Rio lounge by Oscar Niemeyer, 1978 /

Onda bench by Jorge Zalszupin, 1960 /

Trama tea set by Jacqueline Terpins /

Tinga arm chair by Carlos Motta, 2015 /

Petalas table by Jorge Zalszupin, 1962 /

Prisma stool by Zanini de Zanine /

Domino bench by Claudia Moreira Salles, 2011 /

Domino Concreto bench  by Claudia Moreira Salles, 2014

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