Maria Martinez-Cañas’ photography-based, mixed media art. She was born in Cuba, raised in Puerto Rico & lives in the USA. See Blogroll for a link to her site.

Text taken from the Maria Martinez-Canas’ site.  

Vestiges series: Untitled 001 /

Vestiges series: Untitled 003 /

Vestiges series: Untitled 005 /

Vestiges series: Untitled 006 /

Vestiges series: Untitled 009 /

Vestiges series: Untitled 012 Diptych /

Vestiges series: Untitled 014 /

All images have been ‘erased’ by manually sanding them. They are either Gelatin Silver Prints or Printed Pages of Books. 2015′ /

A Room for Eden series (to Ana): Variation I 008 – ‘Installation Mixed Media Site-Specific Photographic Installation [Newsprint, beeswax, live Curly Willow] 7 feet x 58 feet, from 2008′ /

A Room for Eden (to Ana) – Installation 2006 – ‘Installation Mixed Media Photographic Installation, 9 feet x 20 feet x 17 feet, Frost Art Museum, Miami’

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