Spanish architect & academic, Alberto Morell Sixto’s residences without demarcations between interior or exterior – simply unified space. See links within the post & under Blogroll.

Many thanks to Jose Maria Ordovas for passing on a site to Decanted for Alberto Morell /

Charley’s Gap House Architects – Charley’s Gap Karen, Nairobi – 2013 (Project Team: Project Lead: Alberto Morell Sixto. Interior Décor: Alberto Morell Sixto) Photographer: Javier Callejas. /

Dalton House  – Kilifi, Kenya  – 2015.  Interior Décor: Alberto Morell Sixto, Danji Naran (Wood Work). Photographer: Javier Callejas. Materials: Concrete in structure, coral blocks in walls, and stucco as finish. /

Kessler House, Ciudalcampo, Madrid – 2002. /

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