Recycling, transformation & regeneration: art panels made from found materials. Nnenna Okore was born in Australia, raised in Nigeria & is Professor of Art at Chicago’s North Park University. See Blogroll.

Ashioke II

Earthbound – Ceramic and burlap /


Igbankwu – Ceramic and Burlap /

Ashioke VI

Ashioke VI – Ceramic and Burlap /


Rapa – Ceramic and Burlap /

Agbogho II

Agbogho II – Ceramic and Burlap /


Hide – Ceramic and Burlap /


Earthbound – Ceramic and Burlap /


Ukanne – Ceramic and Burlap /

Ije Amaka

Ije Amaka – Burlap, dye and wire /

Uncontrollable Force

Uncontrollable Force – Newspapers and acrylic /


Unleashed – Newspaper, acrylic paint and wire

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