Handcrafted sinks of cloisonné, copper, bronze, stainless steel, onyx, mosaic, porcelain & more by Linkasink, Phoenix, Arizona. See Blogroll for a link.


Stainless Steel Mosaic V031 /

C070-30 SS PNL101

Inset Panel Options /

C070-30 SS PNL301

C070-30 PNL-301

C071-30 PNL202

C071-30 PNL101

C070-30 SS PNL302

Inset Apron Front – hammered Farmhouse Kitchen /


Cloisonne Brown Circles Oval /


Cloisonne Red Oval /

B001 AB

B001 PW

Bronze Bowl with handles /


V016 PN A 18

V016 PN A 9

Rectangular Crescent Mosaic VO16 /

B005 AB

Large Round Wing /

C029 DB

Square Fruit /

Swarovski Crystal Carved Leaves /

B016 VB

Large Oval Botanical BO16 /

Star decorative grid strainers /

Swirl decorative basket strainers

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