Annemette Beck’s Beck Textiles of woven rubber, metals, papers, plastics & plant fibres. Based in Denmark, they produce rugs, carpets, screens & bespoke interior design & architectural products. See Blogroll for a link.



ODIN: a glossy outdoor carpet for wet areas. Warp material is coated polyester (94% polyurethane & 6% polyester). The weft material is PVC bands (100% PVC) /



FEKE ‘supergrass’ carpet is hand woven in Nepal. The warp material is a 100% paper yarn while the weft material (fringes) is made of coated polyester /



IDUN carpet:  The warp material is paper yarn (100%), the weft material is PVC bands (100% PVC) /

Image result for ANNEMETTE BECK textiles metal waves

METAL WAVES:  A fabric that is a combination of paper yarn, monofilament & stainless steel /


HAND WOVEN FABRIC: stainless steel from Germany & black paper yarn wrapped with cellophane from Italy. Indoor & outdoor usages /

RUBBER RUG: made from recycled bicycle tubes /


ARENGA:  plant fibres from Africa & linen warp. The textile is suitable for room dividers  /

23.3 by Annemette Beck | Bespoke fabrics

Silver Waves

Industrial 3-D woven textile made of monofilament, paper yarn and metal threads /

Image result for ANNEMETTE BECK hand woven fabric

COPPER TWILL: A hand woven & can be used as room divider, panel, blind, frieze etc.. The material is lacquered copper, but also available in untreated copper, stainless steel & brass /

Image result for Annemette Beck silver weaves

Silver Weaves /

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