Peg Woodworking is Kate Casey’s joinery & woven cord upholstery operation. Her furniture is here. She lives in New York. See Blogroll for a link.

crawler end table.jpg

yulon bar stool.jpg

Steelheart Dining Chair /

fireside stools color.jpg

Fireside Stool Lemon/White & Mint/White /

fireside stool mnt-coral.jpg

fireside bench6.jpg

fireside benches bw.jpg

Fireside Bench /

fireside bench8b.jpg

Fireside Bench /

fireside stool lemon3.jpg

Fireside Stool Lemon/White /

fireside bench10a.jpg

Fireside Bench /

fireside stool black and blue.jpg

fireside bench11d.jpg

disorder bench dtl.jpg

disorder bench dtl2.jpg

euclid bench1.jpg

Euclid Bench /

fireside bench9a.jpg

steelheart outdoor4.jpg

Steelheart Dining Chair Outdoor /

steelheart bw.jpg

Steelheart Dining Chair B/W /

steelheart dining bw.jpg

Steelheart Dining Chair B/W /

disorder bar stool.jpg

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