Young award-winning, graphic designer, Toby Ng of Toby Ng Design. Examples of his art direction. His studio is in Hong Kong. See Blogroll for a link.

4th Greater China Illustration Awards – art direction, editorial, event identity, print. ‘The 4th Greater China Illustration Awards, organised by the Hong Kong Society of Illustrators whose aim is to elevate the standard of illustrations of the Greater China region to an international level through competition & observation’ /

The Pavilia Hill – Art Direction, Editiorial, Print. ‘The Pavilia Hill is a luxury bespoke residence in the heart of Hong Kong and curated by Cultural Entrepreneur Adrian Cheng under New World Development’s The Artisanal Movement.’ /

Catching Moonbeams – Art Direction, Editorial, Print. ‘The light of the moon was chosen as a metaphor for Antalis paper printing effects project to promote their black, grey and sliver paper. The project is presented in a set of two volumes within a specially designed moon-textured case.’ /

Inside Outside – Art Direction, Editorial, Print. ‘Inside Outside is a hand-crafted book for ACTS Group, a real-estate design and development company, and was designed to serve as a gift to clients and business partners in celebration of their 10th Anniversary.’ /

Chocolate Mail – Art Direction, Print, Stamps. ‘For the many who find stamp-licking stressful, why not make stamp-licking a cheery experience by giving it a delicious taste? These chocolate-flavoured stamps are designed to lead a happy reform movement towards stamp-licking.’ /

Perfectly Flawed – Art Direction, Exhibition, Identity, Print. ‘Perfectly Flawed is the first solo art exhibition by artist Shun Hong Chan. The exhibition’s identity was designed to correlate with the theme and paintings of the exhibition.’ /

Red Jaws – Art Direction, Posters, Print. ‘73,000,000 is a great number. Maybe not, for Hong Kong. This is the number of sharks killed for their fins every year, out of which over 70% are traded in HK.’

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