BANMOO is the furniture label founded by Lv Yongzhong (see prior post). A selection of his pieces are here. See Blogroll for a link to BANMOO.

BANBOO 1 1-1510211SS8-50

Essence Screen /

BANBOO 2 Essence-Chair-Stand

Essence Stand & Chair /

BANBOO3 1-1510211SG9

Calligraphy Chair /

BANBOO4 1-150925102313

Anhui Chair /

BANBOO5 1-15100Q01942

Essence Coat Stand(extended)/

BANBOO6 1-1510211SU5

Essence Shelf /

BANBOO7 1-1510211S913,jpg

Essence Trolley /

BANBOO8 1-150925141120

Walking Side Table /

BANBOO9 1-150925163521

Crouching Tiger & Hidden Dragon (screens) /

BANBOO10 1-150925155536

Boat Bench /

BANBOO11 1-150925143551

Walking Coat Stand /

BANBOO12 1-150R4141405

Octangle Zen Chair /

BANBOO13 1-150925163410

Ground Low Coffee Table /

BANBOO14 1-1509221KJ0

Seven String Qin Table

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