Elisa Vendramin’s graphic design & pattern illustration: book & poster design & advertising. She lives in Sacile, Italy. See Blogroll for a link.

Text has been taken from Elisa Vendramin’s site with slight modification for the sake of brevity /

Lífríki Íslands.  ‘..an educational book about the Icelandic ecosystems written by Snorri Baldursson, and designed in collaboration with Icelandic architects and designers Baldur Helgi Snorrason and Katla Mariudottir. Published in Reykjavík in September 2014. photographs of the Icelandic flora and fauna taken by Snorri Baldursson during his career as forest ranger.’

‘Illustrations and design for the 739th edition of Sagra dei Osei, a folkloristic bird festival that takes place in the city of Sacile (Italy) every year since 1273. The project was developed in collaboration with Italian designer Claudio Gasparollo.’ /

Self Portrait.’ Self Portrait commissioned by Slanted Mansion for the launch of the magazine {London, May 2013}.
The project is a collaboration with Lithuanian photographer and artist Kristina Petrosiute.’ /

Tindersticks – ‘Buried Bones, 2.56-4.00 – Illustration commissioned by Atelier Olschinsky for the 7th issue of Nevertheless Magazine. Titled The Passion Archive (March 2014) / ‘This digital collage is a comment on a section from the Tindersticks‘ track Buried Bones in specific from minute 2:56 till the end.’

Koi & Ai. ‘The illustration was designed in occasion of the Affordable Art Fair Stockholm 2014.’ /

‘The project includes a range of advertising for Grapevine and Fréttablaðið as well as a web-banner and a printed program designed to be folded into boat shape.’ /

Conciertos de Verano en Vitacura. ‘Series of posters and ads commissioned by Atacama Invest and Mozarteum Chile, to promote Conciertos  de Verano en Vitacura, a classical music festival, held in Santiago, Chile. (March 2015)’ /

Geico | Simurgh. ‘Advert campaign for Italy based company Geico Taikisha – planning and construction of turnkey automated car painting systems. Art direction and copyright by Ideificio (Milano). After the advertising campaign, we were commissioned a series of 12 digital collages, designed to illustrate several formats of a printed annual calendar. Art direction and graphic design by Ideificio & Davide Portanome’

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