‘The City of Tomorrow: Sensors, Networks, Hackers, & the Future of Urban Life’: a new book by Carlo Ratti & Matthew Claudel.

Carlo Ratti is the Director, Professor of Practice, at Massachusetts Institute of Technology Senseable City Laboratory. Matthew Claudel is a past Research Fellow at Senseable. The laboratory  investigates the intersection of technology and the built environment.  The book is published by Yale University Press:

‘The authors explain some of the forces behind urban change and new visions of the many possibilities for tomorrow’s city. Pervasive digital systems that layer our cities are transforming urban life. The authors provide a front-row seat to this change. Their work at the MIT Senseable City Laboratory allows experimentation and implementation of a variety of urban initiatives and concepts, from assistive condition-monitoring bicycles to trash with embedded tracking sensors, from mobility to energy, from participation to production. They call for a new approach to envisioning cities: futurecraft, a symbiotic development of urban ideas by designers and the public. With such participation, we can collectively imagine, examine, choose, and shape the most desirable future of our cities.’  Yale University Press

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