Iraqi born, Hozan Zangana’s intuitive objects are inspired by the rounded curves of 7th century Kufic script. He was granted asylum in the Netherlands in 1998. See Blogroll for a link.

Hunebench: ipe wood – Craftsman: Rutger Graas /

Kisal: piers wood – Craftsman: Rutger Graas /

Barmil: copper, bronze, anodized aluminium, steel – Craftsmen: Erik den Hartog & Jeroen Baijens /

Craft of Cirta: brass – Coppersmiths: Filali Nasser /

Sufi: porcelain – Craftsman: Frans Ottin /


Danh: sycamore wood – Craftsman: Otto Koedijk /

Hawen Black: Nero Belgio marble – Stone turner: Gianni Bertozzi /

Cave: copper – Coppersmiths: Filali Nasser /

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