‘Teaholic illustrator & passionate whistler’: Mexican artist, Lady Orlando’s red cheeked, storybook, characters. See Blogroll for a link.

El Charro Negro /

Judith /

The Mathematician /

Benjamin’s Portrait /

Little Megan and her Fox by Lady Orlando:

Little Megan and her Fox /

Lady Orlando:

Jamie /

Green rain by Lady Orlando, via Flickr:

Green Rain /

Moleskine /

Don't trust a cat with a mask by Lady Orlando.:

Don’t Trust a Cat with a Mask /

Hanna /

Andy Dandy /

The Fortune Teller /

Wolf ‘re There /

El oso en mi (The Bear in me (?)) /

Something Glorious is About to Happen /

Two Fine Gentlemen by Lady Orlando:

Two Fine Gentlemen /

Paseo Nocturna /

We Found a Way to Stop the Wind /


In the Woods /

FreddyBaby by Lady Orlando:

FreddyBaby /


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