A filigree effect in the jewellery of German artist, Stephanie Kolbel. Her technique is in bobbin lacemaking of thin steel or silver wires & hand-dyed polyamide threads. See Blogroll for a link.

Halsschmuck <em>Sea of Leaves</em>. Edelstahl, Polyamid.

Koelbel 1a.jpg

Halsschmuck <em>Sea of Leaves</em>. Edelstahl, Polyamid. Detail

Koelbel 1c.jpg

5_Sea of leaves_Detail.jpg

Sea of Leaves necklaces. ‘414 leaf-shaped elements, 5 to 15mm long, crafted from ultra-thin, stabilizing stainless steel wire and hand-dyed polyamide threads, form ranked the necklace graded in shape and color’ /

Halsschmuck <em>Pyramidenkette</em>. Edelstahl, Polyamid, geklöppelt, gefärbt.

Pyramid Chain necklace. Stainless steel , polyamide 



Cages earrings & pendant. Silver gold plated /

1_Ball Earrings_beads.jpg

Ball earrings /

14_Stripe Rings.jpg


Stripes bracelets & earrings /

Confus earring goldplated.jpg

Confused: silver. bobbin lace technique. oxidized or gold plated /




Pyramids pendant & earrings /

7_Serie Confus_detail.jpg

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