Photographer & poet, Logor Olumuyiwa’s ‘Monochrome Lagos’ series of richly dark shots are glances at Lagos, serving to highlight the dynamism of this city.* See Blogroll for a link.

I set out to photograph Lagos, seeking to capture the mysteries of the city, the theatrics and arrangement of almost everything, the poetic juxtapositions of its residents, how they relate to the city and vice versa. Most importantly, I seek the beauty in her forms, lines, patterns, textures, by stripping her of one of her most obvious features, her “colour.” Logor Olumuyiwa.  *one of two shots here may not be part of the ‘Monochrome Lagos’ series

my poetry told me that it would return when i loose my obsession with other’s words, i have now stopped waiting. my first language is song - i think in song, it comes to me the way verses would in time of trouble - i’m singing and writing the words...

A job and an escape. I am there, that space authoring visual languages from running “Down Rabbit Holes” of living - a gate - sometimes technically correct other times slightly unentertaining. Einstein ran his rabbit hole, stuck out his tongue in...

When you are engulfed by an Idea A personal aesthetic To the world - you may come across As a man playing with snakes A being on the fringe between What’s sane or not Real or not Obsessive or not. Have seen friends cower A showcase of unfriendly non...

Wow! Strangers don’t even give a hoot if you get under thier nose to do the shoot. Maybe I’m pushin it Actually closer is always better, I think. #DailyAesthetic #FutureAssemblyResidency #DustyFootPhilosophies (at London, United Kingdom)

1. Tilt Phone a bit to see the interesting texture and lightplay on the head wrap. Seen? 2. Please Turn on Notification (for Instagram), what are they posted for if you don’t get to see it?! 3. Thanks for complying. 4. How...

Grace comes when you are delivered from conventions, obligations, conveniences, competition and you are free like a child in his first discovery of reality. You walk around in surprise, you can go deeper in that profoundeur, by devotion to your...

Drawn to water - all the time. Drops or teeming Mass. I guess who we are cannot be separated from where we’re from - and when we ignore that fact, Planes crash. Ayemafuge ILAJE Awa ye. Ye. #DailyAesthetic #MonochromeLagos (at Lagos, Nigeria)

Jagged. Around the edges Viva la Misfits. Difference is beautiful! #DailyAesthetic #MonochromeLagos (at Lagos, Nigeria)

Aramide Polymath. #DailyAesthetic #MonochromeLagos

Still. #DailyAesthetic #MonochromeLagos

#DailyAesthetic #MonochromeLagos (at Lagos, Nigeria)

#DailyAesthetic #MonochromeLagos (at Suru Lere, Lagos, Nigeria)

The one who looks is essential to the meaning found, and yet can be surpassed by it. And this Surpassing is what is hoped for. Revelation was a visual category before it was a religious one. The hope of revelation - and this is particularly obvious...

Equivalence. #DailyAesthetic #MonochromeLagos

Crude. 2014 Throwback to that fire collaboration between Elishia and I. Trusting Lagos natural light and random interesting spaces as we drove around Ebute Metta. Marvee hooked us up with the brilliant pieces from her “Rogue collection. Mr Calvin...

Paradise Heights. 2015

Model : Cee For House of Marie // Spice TV Africa. #DailyAesthetic #MonochromeLagos

#DailyAesthetic Gafar’s Hands through the wire. Well, my friends and family have accepted their fate that I will always shove my camera in their faces and spaces. And together we’ve built the craft. Critique by critique. Pose by pose. Exhibit by...

#DailyAesthetic An ideal to live and die for “Photography”

Laugh. Akwaeke Emezi’s #silhouette Writer, Nigerian. At the Electronic soundscapes concert. #MonochromeLagos #Monochrome #goetheinstitut #bnw #africancreatives #silhouette

Headshot for “Setty J”’s album art. Check his music out, really good stuff. #DailyAesthetic #MonochromeLagos

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