Kincast glass expertise: the sculptural glass of Colin Reid who lives in Gloucestershire, UK. See Blogroll for a link.

R1305. Still Life with Fruit and Vegetables: cast optical glass /

R1158. Detail from stonework on Gloucestor Cathederal: cast optical glass /

R1249. Cornucopia: cast optical glass /

R1233. ‘Kaja’: cast optical glass /

R1844. ‘Sunflowers’: cast optical glass /

R1841. ‘Sunflowers’: cast optical glass /

R1345. ‘Cello’. winner of the Glass Sellers Prize 20016: cast optical crystal /

R1477. Cast optical glass & slate /

R1343. Untitled form with acanthus: cast optical glass /

R1369. Untitled still life with fruit & vegetables: cast optical glass with slate base /


Flacon /

R293. Untitled piece in kincast glass /

Musa table

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