Haruka Misawa’s beautifully conceived products & graphics. Her Misawa Design Institute is in Tokyo. See Blogroll for a link.

Waterscapes 1 & 2 /

Ueno Planet Ueno Zoo|2015AD|Ueno Planet /

Paper Flower pencil shavings. Curled up /

Paper Vehicles of Flight /

Paper Massage CD|Kenya Hara AD+D|Haruka Misawa P|Kei Iwasaki CL|Takeo Co.,Ltd.
2010-2014|Promotion tool /

Semitransparent Pocket: Takeo Paper Show 2014  [Subtle], [ Curation & Art Direction|Kenya Hara + Hara Design Institute], AD|Kenya Hara D|Haruka Misawa P|Kiyoshi Obara/amanagroup CL|Takeo Co.,Ltd. 2014|Works /

Graphics: I|Haruka Misawa, 2013-2014


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