Floating imagery using light: the light art installations & lamps devised & designed by Lightexture, New York. See Blogroll for a link.

Subliminal transcriptions – a light installation by Yael Erel from lightexture on Vimeo.

Subliminal Transcriptions: ‘a light installation using simple means, a light source and a reflector, to amplify minuscule conditions that are normally overlooked. The result is a transcription of the topography of the reflector into light drawings.’ – Installation by Yael Erel, Advisors: Ted Krueger and Michael Oatman /

Steamlight Sconces in 88 Orchard Cafe, New York /

Steamlight Micro Small Clamp / Large Clamp /

Wall Light: Large Claylight Sconce /

Claylight Porcupine 13″ H Table Lamp with Dome Shade /

Desk Lamp- Porcelain Egg /

Iris Brass table light /

Iris Floor Lamp /

Projected Topographies: ‘an interactive light installation that reveals different micro-topographies of reflective surfaces as projected ‘light drawings’. Installation by Yael Erel. Soundscape by Torben Pastore /

Moon Record from lightexture on Vimeo.

Moon Record: ‘a source of story and song for as long as we’ve been looking at the sky, the moon is also the earth’s reflector of the sun’ – Commissioned for Lit exhibition, Albany International Airport. Light Installation by Yael Erel /

Dot field light projection from lightexture on Vimeo.

Double Reflector Light:  drawings project from a single vertical reflector and expose slight air movements that change its surface topography and projected drawings. By Yael Erel /

Urban Reflecting Wall – The Hill at Muza:  ‘light drawing is projected onto an alley entrance to the Hill Beer Garden, lighting it with an otherworldly light textures’. Installation by Yael Erel

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