Postformula is a design studio of young staff in Kiev. This is a selective selection of their use of copper & brass for lights, hardware & interior use. See Blogroll for a link.


BAO . Modern Chinese Cuisine /

14-03-31 057.jpg

Sconce “Turtle” /

17-04-17 v039.jpg

17-04-17 v043.jpg

Sconce “3.14” /

14-11-05 104.jpg

14-11-05 098.jpg

Chandelier “Willow” /

17-02-19 088.jpg

Signboards and logotypes /

L-1 lamp /

14-03-31 034.jpg

14-03-31 035.jpg

Cl-1 Clock /



Lamp Birds



15-11-30 v528.jpg

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