The ideas & thoughts of Beirut-based graphic design studio, Zumra, emerge through their projects. See Blogroll for a link.

Lorem Ipsum Theatre Group – Poster series | Unpublished / ‘We designed several poster series for a theater company. The design focused on the common theme of faces. The alterations of the design of the faces allows the posters to cover different topics of the theater group’s productions, while remaining under the same family’ /

Story of a Place | The Creative Memory – Identity and Poster-Brochure.  (For more information on The Creative Memory website, which is attending, digitally, to the expression of contemporary creative ideas through the arts of Syria, as well as the preservation of artifacts and creative history of Syria: )  /

Adef | Arab Digital Expression Foundation – online invitation design /

Posters /

Ghaith&Jad – Identity design and business card. Zumra won an IDA International Design Award (Silver) for this project in 2014 under the Stationery category /

Majallet Onboz: Breather Spreads – Majallet Onboz is an interdisciplinary illustrated Arabic magazine for curious youth and thirsty adults /

Bipod | Beirut International Platform of Dance – Poster series | Unpublished


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