Onyx Solar’s integrated photovoltaic glass – covers facade options, flooring & outdoor furniture & are clear, coloured & patterned. Based in the USA & Spain, they have agents worldwide. See Blogroll for a link.

Onyx Solar Photovoltaic Transparent Glass installed into San Anton Market, Madrid (Spain)

Onyx Solar Diagram 5

Photovoltaic transparent glass /






Coloured photovoltaic glass /

Onyx Solar Semitransparent Photovoltaic Curtain Wall

Photovoltaic glass for curtain walls /

Onyx Solar Photovoltaic Ventilated Façade for integrate as a building second skin

Photovoltaic ventilated facade / There are also options for spandrels, parking lots & retrofits /

Photovoltaic double & triple glazed insulating solutions /

Buildings that generate their own energy thanks to a photovoltaic skylight

Onyx Solar Photovoltaic Skylights provide natural daylight + UV and IR filter to your buildings

The Skylight system ensure an optimized PV electrical generation adding multifunctional passive bioclimatic properties of thermal inner comfort since most of the UV and infrared radiation from the sun will be harvested by the silicon-based material (solar filter effect). /

Side view of Onyx Solar Photovoltaic Canopy installed at Bart Station, San Francisco, CA

Photovoltaic canopy /

Onyx Solar Photovoltaic Glass Patterns

Laser cut customized patterns for photovoltaic glass /

Walkable photovoltaic floor /

Onyx Solar electric car solutions: Park-Lot 1

Photovoltaic kit for outdoor furniture. It can be integrated into benches, tables, canopies or any other outdoor furniture converting it into an active element that generates clean free energy from the Sun.

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