Mezzotint printmaking from Chris Adams, New Zealand: His blue-hued landscape studies from visits to sub Antarctic islands. See Blogroll for a link to the Solander Gallery under CA.

Dream of Gerontius  / Johnston Hill /

Mt. Crawford /

Summer, Rock Point /

Lux Aeterna/Cook Strait /

First Light, First Snow, Mt Honey, Campbell Island /

In Carnley Harbour, Auckland Island /

Terawhiti Hill (Magenta) /

Pukerua Bay /

Port Ross Sky, Auckland Island /

Kaingaroa /

Terawhiti /

Falla Peninsula, Auckland Island /

Mt. Faye, Campbell Island /

Ohira /

Davis Island, Port Ross, Auckland Island /

Lake Pateriki /

Lily Rocks, Henga (1)

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