Funi Ding’s prancing Flow tables, new ceramics & other furniture. Her historical arc is Hong Kong, Shanghai, Los Angeles. See Blogroll for a link.






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Flow tables /

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UNCMMN retail to be opened soon /


UNCMMN product: The Bamboo Series  /

THE STONE SERIES Along with bamboo forests, Yixing is known for its rivers and water-eroded caves. Taking advantage of the handmade element of crafting purple clay, the second series is inspired by river rocks, each uniquely different in size and shape. Experimenting with ways to use purple clay besides just tea brewing, this collection can be used as a decorative item or storage. 

UNCMMN product: The Stone Series /

THE KOI SERIES Although purple clay has demonstrated multiple uses for functionality, it also has a long- standing history of being a method of self-expression and art. This series is inspired by classical Suzhou gardens, which represent the development of China’s signature landscape design and the most refined form of garden art. The form is reminiscent of koi fish often found in the ponds of these backyard gardens. 

UNCMMN product: The Koi Series /

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Feat daybed /





Merge chair /

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