Mehmet Ali Türkmen’s graphic design: his posters & book covers are here. He runs MAT Design from Istanbul. See Blogroll for a link.

Poster for Westend Fotoschule, Bremen. Headline: ‘Unterwegs’ (On the way) /

Poster for Westend Fotoschule, Bremen. Headline: Begrabe nicht deine traumprojekte (Don’t bury your dream projects) /

Coexistence. Designed for AGI (Alliance Graphique Internationale) Biel / Switzerland 2015 Special Exhibition Project. /

Book cover desing for ‘The book of friendship’. YGS publications /

Poster for Westend Fotoschule, Bremen. Headline: ‘Das Sehen’ (To see) /

Poster for Edpa Gallery: ‘Collective painting exhibition’ /

Cover artwork for ‘Zero Istanbul’ event and culture magazine. Istanbul: Saints, Angels, Devils, Flittermouses, Gulls, Martins… /

Isbank Publishing Culture /

Book design for the ‘Photography in things’ exhibition of four french photographers. Association Française d’Artistique /

Uygur Davaslı’s poet book /

Poster for The Society For The Protection Of Wildlife. Headline: ‘Kuş cenneti bekliyor’ (Bird of paradise awaits) //

Poster for the Tiyatrofil Theatre: ‘Life is beautiful’

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