Unraveling the histories of fabric: The textile art of Aiko Tezuka. Born in Tokyo, she lives in Berlin. See Blogroll for a link.

Lessons for Restorations (sewing up)

Lessons for Restoration (sewing up) 2012: Stitching on cloth, 290 x 270 cm. Installation at Atelierhof Kreuzberg, Berlin, German /

Layer of Threads

Layer of Threads 2007: Readymade fabric, wooden frame, 140 x 245 cm. Installation at Kenji Taki Gallery, Nagoya, Japan /

Loosening Fabric

Loosening Fabric 2005: Deconstructed fabric, 155 × 1100 cm (fabric), 200 x 700 x 300 cm (installation). Installation at INAX Gallery 2, Tokyo, Japan. Collection of Okazaki Mindscape Museum, Aichi, Japan /

Unweavable Object

Unweavable Object 2004: Deconstructed fabric, 185 x 80 x 80 cm. Installation in artist’s studio at Kyoto City University of Arts, Ph.D program in Painting. Collection of Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto, Japan. /

Loosening Fabric #5 (Nightfall)

Loosening Fabric #5 (Nightfall) 2016. Unravelled fabric. H.320 x W.231 x D.285 cm (installation size), fabric length 10 meters /

Loom of layers

Loom of layers 2008. 650 x 1100 x 450 cm. Installation at Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, Japan. Production Support: Kawashima Selkon /

Extracting Warp Threads – Five colours

Extracting Warp Threads – Five Colours 2004: Warp threads extracted from readymade fabric, 180 x 420 cm (70 cm diameter per panel). Installation at ARTCOURT Gallery, Osaka, Japan /

Then Membrane, Pictures Come Down

Thin Membrane / Pictures Come Down 2009: Embroidery on cloth, 400 ×450 × 450 cm. Installation at Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan /

Thin Film, Underground Forest 2007: Embroidered yarn on canvas, 200 × 700 cm diameter. Installation at Spiral/Wacoal Art Center, Tokyo, Japan

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