The range of promotional & editorial photography & film – including motion capture, 3D scanning and 3D imaging – by Tim Richardson. He has ties to Sydney & N.Y. See Blogroll for a link.

Stills from Elle New Muse Part I – Taylor Warren. /

Stills from 6 Breaths Installation / Film – Venice Dance Biennale.  go to: /

Hybrid Glamour for /

Physical Frequencies featuring Taren Cunningham – Publishing /

V Magazine The Rise of Rinko Kikuchi /

Tao Okamoto for "Hybrid Glamour" photographed by Tim Richardson

Hybrid Glamour – Tao Okamato /

Tao Okamato – The Society /

Brooke Candy for Sunday Times /

Men’s Collection – Dazed and Confused /

From Crossing for Dazed Digital – Commercial Installation / Film (Jordan Askill’s jeweller)

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