#Coidentity is a fashion collection designed by Indonesian designer, Dian Pelangi, with textiles by Nelly Rose & Odette Steele – both from London & winners of the British Council & London College of Fashion Indonesian Residency.


jfwofficial #Repost @jellylondon with @grabapp On the blog: James Dawe's co - identity artwork for #IFS2016 #fashionutopias @britishfashioncouncil @british_design #londonfashionweek @somersethouselondon #lfw #fashion #london #design #landscape #mwsh #photography #jamesdawe @jrdawe @open_dawe Awesome artwork for @dianpelangi indeed! #IndonesiaFashionForward #coidentity @Odette.Steele @nellyroselondon

Dian, Nelly, Odette_300dpi_012.jpg

Dian, Nelly, Odette_300dpi_004.jpg

Dian, Nelly, Odette_300dpi_003.jpg

Dian, Nelly, Odette_300dpi_006.jpg

Dian, Nelly, Odette_300dpi_007.jpg

Dian, Nelly, Odette_300dpi_010.jpg

Dian, Nelly, Odette_300dpi_011.jpg

#Coidentity fashion collection


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