8 responses to “Pre-Columbian gold & shamanism inspired Eduardo Terranova in his metallic paintings. Born in Cali, Colombia, he lives in N.Y. See Blogroll for a link.

  1. Hello out there! Dear Decanted- I am the artist Eduardo Terranova. Thank you for selecting some of my works for this blog. Indeed, It’s spelled Colombia. I was born in Cali, Colombia. I have created new artworks. Please click on my site: http://www.eduardoterranova.com
    I really appreciate taking the time for sending my works out there.


    Eduardo Terranova

    • Hello Eduardo

      How nice to hear from you and hear that you liked the post on your work.

      Unfortunately I rarely do a second post on the one artist or designer as there are so many more
      who could be included. However I will enjoy looking at your new work and I’m sure other viewers
      of the blog will too.



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