Elliat Rich’s projects cross from furniture & accessory design to art installation, involve local indigenous artisans, & reference Australian culture. She lives in Alice Springs. See Blogroll for a link.

All text & shots have been taken from Elliat Rich’s site /

Anita Ratara Rona Rubuntja square.jpg



‘Coolgardie Line: pottery shards made by the Hermannsburg Potters that have been embedded into concrete tablets. The tablets were then cut into strips to reveal unexpected but welcome cross-sections. The tiles in the front faces were hand-painted by Judith Inkamala, Dawn Wheeler, Rahel Ungwanaka, Anita Ratara, Hayley Coulthard, Lindy Rontji, Rona Rubuntja and Beth Inkamala.’ /


Elliat_Urban_Billy_boil copy.jpgElliat_Urban_Billy_2teas copy.jpg

Urban Billy: ‘Made with five pieces of hand-formed borosilicate glass, with turned and bent mountain ash sleeves and lid’ /


Coolgardie w object.jpg



‘The Coolgardie Safe – (a contemporary parallel) ‘The (original) Coolgardie Safe was invented on the Western Australian Goldfields in the late 1800s. Either made with skill or makeshift, manufactured or in response to need, the simplicity and effectiveness of the design saw it placed into rural and urban homes throughout Australia for over half a century.’ /


Curio Screen

‘The Coolgardie Line: This contemporary collection references invention and resourcefulness, materiality, honesty of construction, absorption and evaporation. It acknowledges the value of solutions that may have been superseded or forgotten but maintain relevance in present times.’ /







‘The Decennia Chair is designed to become more beautiful with age. Through everyday use a slow wearing process reveals layers of colour beneath the initial surface. /



‘Yala Sofa blossoms in the company of others and provides an inspiring space for people to come together. Using a thermochromatic ink, the Ipomoea flowers remain invisible until the heat from the bodies of those sitting on the sofa ‘activates’ the ink and the flowers are revealed.’

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