‘*Material, metaphor & the black body’: Mohau Modisakeng uses these tools to explore the influence of South Africa’s violent history’ with performance, film, sculpture. See Blogroll for a link.

*Text from Mohau Modisakeng’s website /

Mohau Modisakeng 02

Photographs for Ditaola /

Trumpets – mild steel /

Untitled (Table) 2014 Plastic sjamboks, wood /

Ditaola 2015 sculpture & photographic exhibition, Brundyn + Gallery.  For a statement on the exhibition: http://www.brundyn.com/exhibitions/2014/mohau-modisakeng-ditaola/press/

Metamorphorsis 2015 /



mohau smoke.jpg

Untitled 2015 /




Inzilo (performance filmed) 2013

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